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Our Univocal Approach
MoonEdge envisions to accelerate the development of the Polygon ecosystem by encouraging mass adoption and by working alongside each project. We offer support to top-quality projects throughout their journey by providing fundraising capabilities and by integrating community involvement.
Trustworthy The MoonEdge team performs a thorough vetting process for every project to be listed on the platform, ensuring that only top-quality projects are brought to the MoonEdge community.
Equitable The fair-tiered system is designed to offer opportunities for all community members. This system is in constant evolution and is soon to be governed by the community, ensuring community concession.
Supportive MoonEdge and their partners offer a full set of expertise to the projects being hosted on the platform. Their teams can benefit from technical, marketing, advisory and legal support.
Inclusive Projects building on Polygon, as well as projects planning to join the Polygon ecosystem in the future, are more than welcome to host their IDO on MoonEdge.

Tiered system

Holding Requirement 5000 Pool Weight 2 Guaranteed IDO allocation
Holding Requirement 10000 Pool Weight 5 Guaranteed IDO allocation
Holding Requirement 20000 Pool Weight 12 Guaranteed IDO allocation
Holding Requirement 50000 Pool Weight 35 Guaranteed IDO allocation
Holding Requirement TBA Pool Weight TBA

2021 Roadmap

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